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The Alberta Neurologic Centre Multiple Sclerosis Clinic opened in May 2023. The clinic is led by Dr. Jonathan Fridhandler, neurologist, who is supported by a comprehensive team of health care providers. Our goal is to create a truly patient-centered care model by optimizing communication between patients and providers and offering tailored services to each individual. We aim to empower people living with multiple sclerosis to live their best life.


The MS team is made up of a neurologist, two physiatrists, one physiotherapist, two nurse practitioners, one registered nurse and an administrative lead. Collectively, we provide comprehensive assessments, diagnosis, and individualized treatment and management options.

If you are a current MS patient of Dr. Fridhandler and the Alberta Neurologic Centre MS Clinic, please click the secure link below to be directed to the patient portal.

If you are living with MS in Southern Alberta and do not have a neurologist or would like a second opinion or would like to transfer your care from a different neurology clinic, please ask your family physician to send a referral to the Alberta Neurologic Centre MS Clinic.


If you live outside of Southern Alberta and wish to travel to Calgary for a second opinion regarding your MS diagnosis or treatment, please have your family physician send a referral the Alberta Neurologic Centre MS Clinic.


The referral form that your family physician will need to complete and submit is below.

Multiple Sclerosis Clinic

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