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Dr. Landon Perlett
BSc, MD, FRCPC - Neurology⁠

⁠Landon is a Métis physician who grew up living in rural and remote communities in Saskatchewan, Nunavut, BC, and the Northwest Territories. After completing a degree in archaeology, he transitioned into medicine and completed his residency training in neurology at the University of Saskatchewan. He is currently finalizing a two-year clinical research fellowship in Cognitive Behavioural Neurology at the University of Calgary.⁠

Landon’s medical interests include teaching others about the brain, as well as incorporating technologies and lifestyle changes to assist people with cognitive and neurologic deficits. As a promoter of upstream and preventative medicine, he is actively researching the ketogenic diet as a means of improving memory and cognition in Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.⁠

In his spare time, Landon builds and restores computers and other gadgets, travels the world to see historic cultural sites, and enjoys nature while diving, hiking, and camping.

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