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Dr. Geoff Frost
MD, FRCPC-Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, CSCN (EMG)⁠


⁠Geoff completed his undergraduate and master's degrees in engineering at the University of Toronto. After spending time working as engineer, he eventually found his way into an operating room at the Toronto General Hospital, and the rest, as they say, is history. Since his time in Toronto, he has spent his work life bouncing between biomedical engineering start-up companies and his medical career. He completed his medical degree at McMaster University and then his residency in physiatry at the University of British Columbia. He was drawn to physiatry as it seemed like a perfect match of his interests in both engineering and medicine. ⁠

Geoff continues to live a double life as both a physician and engineer. As a physician, he focuses on the intricacies of nerve and muscle problems. As an engineer, his latest project is all about helping children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy enjoy physical play.⁠

When not at work, Geoff loves a good board game, playing hockey, going for hikes, and skiing in the mountains.

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