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Dr. Alisha Rai
General Practitioner

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Dr. Alisha Rai, is a South-African Canadian family physician who brings a rich background in medicine to Alberta Neurologic Centre. With a foundation in diving, hyperbaric and emergency medicine in South Africa, she  transitioned into family medicine upon immigrating to Canada. ⁠

Beyond her professional pursuits, she is deeply committed to advocacy for the disability community this is fueled by her personal experience as a mother to a son with cerebral palsy. She co-founded a non-profit with her husband, Hope for Cerebral Palsy to fund quality private early interventional therapy for children with cerebral palsy. Additionally, she openly shares her experience with infertility and has the privilege of speaking at a TEDx event at the University of Mississippi. Her multifaceted background reflects a passion for healthcare, advocacy, and sharing impactful stories. 

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